Azzurino Projects is a company with 3 new visions for decorating interiors, made with natural and innovative materials designed and developed by Mart Krijger.

An exclusive range of decorative panels suitable for many interior purposes. The designs are also excellent in custom projects. The GFM technique can be used on all applicable interior elements such as head boards, table tops, walls, furniture, in a lounge bar or as accents.

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Choose from over 200 different squares (mosaic tiles 30x30 and 60x60 mm ) which are mostly handmade materials used from shells, wood, dichroid glass, semi precious stones, marble, lacquerware, stone composite, bone, horn, silk, inlayed feathers, news papers, termite nest, chicken leather, seasnake leather, sting ray, egg shell, jeans, bark and more in combination with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

With or without liquid gloss, a durable epoxy, non poisoning with UV blocker. The liquid gloss makes the colors more intense and thus creates a warmer feeling. For table tops a soft epoxy will be applied.

All panels are unique and made in Holland.

Quotations, technical aspects or design proposals upon request.

Free art work based on the gfm technique composed into stunning panels. Materials like gfm squares with other exotic available materials ( non cites ) like ostrich leather, honey comb leather, beetle wings, cosmetic lacquer and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Using real natural, carved or metalized water buffalo skulls, African Watusi, Oryx, decorated with thousands of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, semi precious stones and different kinds of leather . Each object is unique and made in Holland.

Mart Krijger

Creative Director

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